PBC, Inc. offers full service restoration, from initial board up to turn-key completion on losses resulting from:

• Fire
• Water
• Earthquake
• Motor Vehicle
• Vandalism
• Structural Failure

PBC, Inc. works closely with the insured and insurer to provide the best services for both. Listed are some of the qualities you can expect from PBC, Inc:

• 24/7 Availability
• 6 day work week
• Insured back in home quickly
• Migate loss to insurer
• Provide quality workmanship
• Accurate & timely estimates

Eliminating any inconvenience for the insured and stabilizing further loss for the insurer is our top priority.

By providing peace of mind for the insured, and instilling confidence to the insurer, each can be assured they have the best when they contract PBC Inc. to handle their insurance restoration claim.

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